Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where were we?

Now that the rant is over, where were we? Oh yeah... fun stuff I do with the kids and cute pictures of the baby. =)

Yesterday the girls and I ventured wayyyy out of our neighborhood to go to Amish Country in southern Ohio. I, having always been a city girl, thought that they were only in really rural parts of PA until I met Klint, who grew up next to them. Let me tell you how funny I thought it was when I saw a buggy hitched to the Ashland Walmart?! Anyhow, I wanted to learn more about them and knew a friend who adores a farm there. So off to Yoder's Amish Farm we went!

The day was perfect, not too hot and the girls were delighted with all the baby animals running around. From beagle pups to kittens, ducklings, and foals... this was heaven for them! We walked around a real Amish home and school, took a buggy ride, ate a picnic, and played hard. Afterwards we even went to get some yummy ice cream with Grandma Jan (our wonderful friend) and plays an excited game of Eye Spy in the store, lol!

It was so much fun to see how differently other cultures live as well as to walk around and watch the girls explore freely. I really enjoyed learning about the homemaking of an Amish woman and definitely cam home thankful for all the modern tools to make my day easier! I can't wait to go again and have Klint along to take more photos... it wasn't very easy getting good shots with Miss Moira in the sling, grabbing the strap!

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