Friday, July 22, 2011

Soul Pancake Bites: #1- The Soul

Well here is the first set of activities I am going to tackle, a simple thing really- the soul

What is the soul?
What drains the soul?
What recharges it?
What does your soul look like?

I think that the soul is that essence that makes you, well... you.  It is unique. It has nothing to do with the physical body as reasonable people will agree that very beautiful people can have evil souls and vice versa. It is that awareness of a self. A soul is all those memories wrapped up in a package, making your personality and choices complete the picture.
For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel, believe what I believe, 
perceive as I perceive, look, experience, examine, and for once; just once, understand.”

For me, it is soul draining to see people hurting each other and the world around them and to feel helpless. To see violence, despair, especially concerning children. Negativity is very soul draining in general. Feeling defeated is also a big factor. To feel caught up in a web where there is no escape or silver lining.... however, as easily as it is to see the bad, there is always the good. (Yes, I am the eternal optimist.)

Recharging my soul means remembering the good in this world. Seeing the beauty, finding those little things that make me happy, like quiet mornings and comfortable sweatshirts. Taking a sip of my favorite drink and savoring the goodness in it. Looking at my children and knowing that there is nothing more beautiful or special in the world to me. 

I believe that if you looked at my soul it would be a mess of colors. For the most part, sunny yellows and tropical blues. But there are those dark spots too, regrets, mistakes, doubts that hold me back. There would be snippets of all the good and the bad that make up me. Snapshots from all my memories that shape my daily life. That is my soul.

** See, now wasn't that fun?! If you want to join in, please comment and let me know you also tackled this activity. :P
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