Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Linkies

Has anyone gone to see the new Harry Potter movie? I am re-reading the books and am so excited to finally see the conclusion to this great series! I love this photo of the cast members out of character

                                                                                   Source: via thelittlereddoor on Pinterest

It seems like Polyvore and Pinterest are BFF's and here is my idea of a perfect date night outfit!

I love new uses for common household things, especially if it makes a space prettier. This is genius!

I have been doing a lot of gentle parenting thinking lately, trying to retrain myself to remember the wonderful words of other inspiring parents. This is a great article concerning tantrums and a new way of looking at them. Thanks Jen!

I can't wait for fall! I am so over this heat it isn't even funny... it is hot, humid, and I have even taken a beach hiatus because the sand burns my feet... I want to be out in some cooler weather wearing something like this:

I think I may do some painting tonight... I have some blank peggy dolls who need to look like this:

Finally, I have been thinking a lot about losing some major weight and getting healthier. I have been inspired by shows, saying, photos. and healthy food recipes. I will be teaching 11 dance classes in the fall (whoo hoo!) so that is a great start for my cardio. I just need to get some weight lifting going and up the ante on my diet, which isn't toooo bad, but needs some improving. I love this saying, it is something I think about when I don't want to work out but should:

Great saying right? So, that's all for now... I am going to go take the girls for a walk and daydream of size 6 jeans! Ciao!
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