Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Thoughts On Parenting...

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So for the last three days poor Miss Moira has been running a low fever and wailing constantly. She popped her first two teeth at the same time and that seems to be her trend. She is NOT. HAPPY. She has expressed her unhappiness by biting me hard while nursing, in turn making me NOT. HAPPY. (Oh Hyland's Teething Tablets, where art thou?) Anyhow, any teething remedies that you all might know, including biting while nursing, will be greatly appreciated!!  We have Sophie the Giraffe, frozen fruit, wooden teething necklaces.... she wants nothing but to wail away....


It is now August and already the whole, "I can't wait till Johnny is back at school" comments are appearing on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Really? Your kids are that much of a hassle and damper on your lifestyle that you are jumping for joy when they are away from you for no less than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? It leaves me speechless.... It is one thing if your kids like school and prefer to be there than with you... but the majority of kids that I know stress out about the start of school and dread the end of summer. And how do you think it makes them feel to hear you say that you can't wait to be rid of them? It would make me feel pretty crappy personally! (I looooooved school and definitely counted the days until September, but then again I was a nerd and living in a not-so-great home)
Maybe people should think about why they love summer so much and how once school starts all the fun is over.... hhhmmmm?


This is World Breastfeeding Week.  I am very lucky in that I have not only a great support system, but also because I am a stay at home mom and have a husband who is 110% supportive of nursing wherever and whenever the need arises. I have friends who are very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of being successful and have done enough research to know how important it is for Moira's health to nurse her for as long as possible. Someday I would love to become a lactation consultant and share what I know about breastfeeding with other moms, especially ones who aren't as lucky as I am to have such great support.


Finally, I would like to share a little piece of parenting wisdom that I read the other day here:

We don't give them the freedom expecting that they will choose as we would choose. We give them the freedom so they don't have to. We give them the freedom because we trust them and want them to grow up trusting themselves.

I love this quote because that is what I am striving for as a parent. I want to be there to guide when needed, to listen when needed, and to observe the magic that is childhood- a time that far too many people would wish away if they could. I want to raise girls that are smart, independent, fearless, and so much more with a healthy dose of sassiness on the side! I DON'T want little robots who do whatever an adult says without question, who look perfect, act perfect and who are void of any creativity or personality. Sometimes I act without thinking about this path I am on and veer into the land of Crazy Mean Mommy. I get mad and hear myself say the word "brat" even though that is a word that is demeaning and derogatory, and then I feel really bad that I lost my cool. But I am human and realize that if I can at least admit my mistakes, say sorry for them, that is progress...

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