Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Medical Mystery

So I am calling out today to all you mamas with kids with allergies, mamas who have some experience with mysterious skin issues, namely-hives:
This is what it looks like at first, then they get bigger and redder, then they fade out...

 Poor Miss Moira has been getting hives very randomly for the last 5 days. We can't figure out a common trigger and there is no rhyme or reason to the time or severity. It is driving me NUTS!
They don't seem to bother her at all and most of the time disappear as fast as they come. What is crazy is that nothing in our daily life or diet has changed. No new foods, no new household products... nada. And it has happened when we were out at a museum, at the park, 10 mins after nursing, after playing on the floor, etc.... I thought at first that she got bit my something but there are no bites, just lots of hives. They usually start on her legs, then the arms, and face- never any on her stomach or back or under her hair.

I thought that maybe it was a reaction to me eating a ton of cherries and her eating cherry puffs, but I stopped that days ago to see if the hives would stop and they keep on coming strong.... AHHHHH!!!!
Poor kiddo looks like she has the plague when they are full force!

So..... any thoughts on how to figure out what is the root cause? I have been writing down every episode and there is no pattern to the hives, no linking factor. Help!!

Sorry for the bad pics, it was late and photo composition was definitely NOT on my mind!

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