Friday, August 12, 2011

8 Months!

(this is a few days late, Moira wasn't in a photo mood lately!)

Oh my goodness!
This little girl is such a sparkler...
she has a temper like none other and can go from happy to PISSED in a blink.
But she is sooooo happy and lively most of the time. 
Moira is not only crawling, but she pulls herself to standing a lot.
She is eating everything in sight and demands tastes, no matter what it is. 
She giggles at her sisters a lot, especially Gabby.
I have taken to calling her "Meep Meep" (think Roadrunner's voice)
because she moves so quick and is sorta goofy. =P
She is still nursing like a champ and has learned how to lift up my shirt when we are sleeping.
There is so much to this little one of mine...
Happy 8 months baby doll!

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