Thursday, June 24, 2010

Searching for My Happy Place

It seems to me these last couple of days that my preggo hormones have really been making me a bit blue... not "me" at all! I have been getting some killer headaches, the kind that make blinking a hurtful thing, and in general there are a lot of frustrations in my life that usually I can take in stride... just not right now. I am usually the kind of person who always sees the sunny side of life and can get over a bump in the road with ease. This whole "blue period" thing is driving me nuts because I just can't drag myself up.

I am frustrated with AJ, who is battling me about naps and bedtime. I have come to dread this once peaceful routine because my child HATES sleeping and refuses to accept the fact that she still needs naps and can't stay up until 11 every night. Positive reinforcements don't work, negative reinforcements get laughed at... seriously I am in tears many nights because she just refuses to go to sleep.

I am frustrated with our bank who cannot seem to get it's act together... why, when I talk to 5 different people, do I get 5 very conflicting answers to a simple question?

I am frustrated with life, marriage, my changing body that is keeping me from eating anything of substance.... the list goes on and on dear friends....

I totally get that a lot of my feelings are hormones, some of it is the fact that I haven't been crafting which is my own personal brand of therapy, and that some of it is not in my control. I guess it just helps to be able to vent here, in my own little bubble. And I am sure that tomorrow I will pick myself back up and figure out how to deal with all these frustrations in my life. (Duct tape and Benedryll is looking like an option for the bedtime fight! *kidding*)
(photo from here)

Once the garage sale is over I will be reclaiming my craft space and will dig deep in the well of inspiration for something to keep my hands busy... till then I will search for my happy place!


Melissa said...

Stab some wool! It's very therapeutic. Hope you feel better soon.

孫陽泉 said...
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