Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hello and Good Afternoon Friends!
  How is everyone doing today? Me? I am hanging in there, cleaning, getting ready for another T-ball game with the Gabba, and finally doing some crafting! YAY! Speaking of crafting... man oh man are there are a lot of cool tutorials out there right now. Things for Father's Day, things for baby, and even things for me.... where to start? I know that there are more than this, but these are a great start! So check these linkys out and enjoy dear readers! (Oh and be sure to peek about the blog... added some cool graphics!!)

Paper Bird Cage Lanterns
Tow Mater Cupcakes
Patchwork Pillow
Vinyl Mustache Bib (if baby bear is a boy!)
Altoid Tin Tool Box
Spring Tote
Derby Hat Tutorial

Only a little over 2 weeks until we find out if we can buy pink or blue... then I am sure there will be a huge explosion of crafts, projects, and shopping on here...can't wait!
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