Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lilith Fair is Back!

Oh my, oh my, oh my! Lilith Fair is back in all her feminine glory and I am sooooo excited! Big names like Kelly Clarkson, Colbie Caillat, Nora Jones, many more, and of course Sarah McLachlan. I remember getting the CD from one of these wonderful concerts back in the 90's and falling asleep to it at night... ahh the memories from high school!

I think I am even more excited because the artists more often than not are belting out their tried and true hits, the ones that everyone knows the words to and will gladly sing along to. Not to mention that with the lineup here, you can bring your mom, sister, kids, whoever and know that it is a empowering and friendly event.

Is Lilith Fair coming to a city near you?

1 comment:

PonderandStitch said...

Oh, wow- this brings back memories. I went to Lilith Fair maybe...oh...15 years ago? (that makes me feel old). I was in high school at the time, too. It was so fun!

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