Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Poll and a Giveaway!

 So here is the deal... I am curious to know how people feel about my blog's look, if it is really nice to look at or is a little too messy. I personally can't read blogs that are messy, ad heavy, and hide the actual content beneath all the clutter. Part of me is a little worried that I got carried away with the graphics, the new feature that shows related blog posts after every post, and all the color... but I have to admit that I am a fan of the look.

At the bottom of the blog is a poll about the new blog look and with it I am giving away to one lucky reader a Blog Makeover. Want to win? Here is how:

1. Go to the poll at the bottom of the blog and throw an answer at me!
2. Leave me a comment telling me about what you would do with the Makeover if you won it!
3. If you facebook or tweet about this giveaway then you will get another entry... just leave another comment telling me you did something extra. 
4. Poll and Giveaway close on June 22, 2010 at midnight.

The winner will get help with all the graphics installation, template formatting, overall look consultation, and more!  So go answer that poll and leave a comment... I can't wait to hear from everyone!


danasparkle said...

i love lots about your blog, the content is most important, i think. you keep it real and true to you. well done. love the bunting, the peeling siding on the sides, the ck signature, the footer is gorgeous and all together so very cute.
i find the word bubbles, in your title is a bit heavy in black only in contrast to the rest of the gentle feel of your site.
you are very brave changing your templates and asking for thoughts. wonderful.
thanks for the inspiration.

Amy said...

I really like the look of your blog. I think it flows well, and keeps things neat and together. My fave points: the title part--I think it's pretty, creative, and gives that scrapbook-y feel. I also like the pregnant woman to one side and the framed "Summer 2010" on the other. The peeling paint on the wood/house is precious and comforting. It helps give the blog a homey-feel. I agree with danasparkle that the dark bubbles might be a bit bold in contrast to the other parts in the title. Another fave part: the CK signature and "Other things you might like" (or is it "enjoy?"). I have tried to update the look of my family blog but it never looks original or creative, or "me" which is something I love about your new style!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

It looks great!
I feel like my blog is too cluttered and I really want a makeover, problem is I don't know what look I want.

KeaShay said...

I love the whole feel of it. I love the lil ladies on the right with their own personality. I love the house background. The 'bubbles' doesn't mesh with the overall appearance completely.

I'd take a blog makeover anyday! Mine is blah...

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