Sunday, June 27, 2010

"You are One Crafty Mama!"

So my oldest daughter exclaimed after I finished a sundress for her and AJ! I went to Jo-Ann's for some last minute cake toppper supplies and saw that sundress material was a whopping 60% off... of course I HAD to let the girls pick out some fabric for themselves. Not only was there some awesome strawberry fabric, but AJ had already picked up her tube of dress fabric and was singing, "I have a Belle dress, I have a Belle dress". Lol, I was done in. The question was whether I was going to be able to pop out two sundresses, complete with straps, in a mere 45 minutes.... thank goodness my girls watched some Backyardigans while my machine hummed away!

On top of my awesome dress making, we also decided this morning to give ourselves some pretty Glitter Toes, thanks to this wonderful DIY from Or So She Says! I had no clue that with some clear nail polish and some fine craft glitter we could have sparkly toesies in minutes!!! LOVE them!
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