Monday, June 21, 2010

Having a Baby- Etsy Style

Through the last couple of years I have come to the conclusion that ANYTHING can be found on Etsy... those hard to shop for people find gifts here, the weird and unusual are celebrated, and really... you don't have to shop anywhere else for quality items... it is a one stop bonanza! I thought it would be fun to see how many fun and cool shops I could find on Etsy that would fulfill all the needs of the posh and savvy mom-to-be! Take a peek, click around, and let me know what you think:

Maternity Clothes:
Bubble Weeds Maternity Top- Ellembee
Maternity Love Me 2 Times Dress- GaiaConceptions
Cute Due Date Maternity Teeshirt- Culpepergeneral
Creamy Muse Dress- LaMuseMama
Cool and Witty Maternity Tees for Entire Family- JellybeanApparel
Homemade Belly Bands- Runsystem63

Nursing Needs-
Cashmere Nursing Pads- MilkMadeMomma
TaTa Tent Nursing Cover- LacyJaneStudio
Sore Nipple Salve- WildRoot

Nursery Decor-
Vintage Bicycle Growth Chart- GiraffesandStuff
Custom Birth Information Canvas- TrendyPeas
Adorable Stroller Blankets- BabyMaeBoutique
Custom Baby Bedding- BirdsHaveFlowers
Fish Mobile- Leptitpapillon

Baby Needs-
Travel Changing Set- DillyBaby
Wet Bags- EssieDesigns
One Size Cloth Diapers- BundledBums
Pretty Burb Cloths- LilHipsters
Awesome Designer Fabric Bibs- MimiAndLola

Baby Shower Things-
Onesie and Washcloth Cupcakes- BabyDeary
Punk Rockstar Clothing Kit- Lowleepop
Baby Feet Shea Soap- SheaSoap
Expecting Mama Custom Invitation- LillyMaeDesigns

Baby Toys-
Apple Wooden Toy- TheBitsyBean
Ribbon Plush Dino- LittleSidekick
Heirloom Wooden Blocks- MaternalNEST
Owl Pillow- ManicMuffinTotes

And the list can go on and on and on.... There are so many new things added daily for everyone you know! Hope that you check some of these wonderful sellers out and happy shopping!!!

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Amy said...

GREAT post! Thanks for all the wonderful links! I love them. just be smart with the budget in picking and choosing. :)

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