Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ring Slings and Other Things

Now that this pregnancy is starting to feel more real I am thinking about some essentials that we need for the baby and all the options out there. One thing that I am trying to pick out is a pretty ring sling or Maya Wrap for me to use. I have a Moby Wrap type of wrap that I will use for when the baby is bitty, but I think a ring sling will work better for when the baby is older and I want to use a hip carry more often than not. There is great tutorial by the Maya Wrap company that shows you how to make your own ring sling too, so that is always an option...check it out here. Looks pretty straightforward and then I would be able to pick out my favorite fabric for the sling and the zip pocket.

I noticed that on Etsy there are a couple of stores that sell ring slings and such. One is SnuggyBaby who I have featured here before! If you are a baby wearing mama, what is your favorite style of sling, wrap, or carrier?

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Bethany said...

i tried it, but i wasn't very good. i ended up buying a hotsling. i made a big mistake though. i bought it according to my pre-pregnancy size, thinking that i would be using it when i wasn't pregnant anymore (which was true). but i didn't take into consideration that when i would be carrying the baby in it, he would still be pretty new, thus i would still be pretty big--not having lost much of my pregnancy weight yet. because i had gained over 50 pounds, i obviously wasn't going to shed all of that at once! so, if you are going to get one, make sure you take that into consideration! and buy the next size up! :)

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