Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sigh... darn preggo brain...

So you will notice that my blog looks a little differently today....sigh... and no, it was not by choice. I make a rookie computer mistake and hit save on a page that instead of saving my current blog template erased it and saved a new starter template. Ugh! I knew as soon as I really looked at the page that I have just killed my blog layout and would have to start over.

What started this whole mess is that I saw a post about new template designer features Blogger just released to make it really easy to make your own template here. It is a really great article and I wanted to try it out for future use... just NOT at that moment!

I love being able to customize how my blog looks and I was thinking about a new layout since we are adding baby bear to the family. It is challenging though since I don't want to look like everyone else's blog. The current layout that you see may stick around for a little while or it may be gone tomorrow if I get inspired and whip something for "me" up. For now I like a lot of things about it and am comfortable with people coming to my little space as it is. I just couldn't leave it blank...ick!

If you want to play around with your blog this blog has lots of cool tips, tricks, layouts, and buttons to use! I have also heard great things about Cutest Blog on the Block and CreateBlog.
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