Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The List 3.31.10

Hip Hop Horray! Spring finally made a strong push here in NE Ohio! My crocuses are blooming, all the windows in the sun room were opened, and I had a very urgent need to wash every window I! With spring comes picnicking, gardening, and tons and tons of fun crafts along with fun warm weather fashions... love it. Here are some fun things I have found whilst surfing the Web tonight...

I used to be quite the early riser and have gotten in the bad habit of staying up wayyyy too late crafting. Hopefully these 4 Great Reasons to Wake Up Early will help me get back to my old good habits!

With warm weather comes the return of the Tiffin Tin! YAY!!! Get a pretty colorful one for yourself here at Target!

I always want to go on a huge organization spree when Spring about making yourself some pretty fabric storage bins using a tutorial like this one? Then you get to organize AND use some of that fabric laying about!

Speaking of sewing and lunches... you could always make your little ones their own oilcloth lunch bags using this tutorial and oilcloth from this Etsy store... (make one for me too ok?)

Looking for inspiration on dying your Easter eggs this year? Here is a lovely collection of ideas from The Crafty Crow!

Even though it is a little late to be thinking about decorating your house for Easter, I think making these awesome plush carrots would be a great addition to your front door along with a sign about gardening.

Now that you all know about my love affair with Peeps, don't you want to take them out of that awful cardboard box and put them in a pretty bag with a tag? Download the printable (and adorable) tags here and show your peeps some love!
Finally, I am totally 110% smitten with this pretty little Tiny Woodland Terrarium by WoodlandBelle that features a teeny nest and a little silver bird.... I am going to go pimp my store out right now so that I can buy it asap!

Happy Spring and Happy Easter to all!

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Pink Dandy Chatter said...

Your blog is sooo cute! found you on Etsy forums.

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