Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Whew! Now back to our Regularly Scheduled Program!

How is everyone doing tonight? I am so ready for that lovely warm weather to come back, how about you? Although the storm that we had last night was a whopper and I loved every moment of it.

So I am fascinated by swaps and such, especially ones that are a little quirky and fun. One of the blogs that I read regularly, Givers Log, is always full of really neat ideas... like this awesome little Water Bottle 13 oz. or Less mini swap that she did.

Basically, you just take a plastic water bottle, cut a door in the side (where the label would fit over), jam in lots of cute goodness, make sure it weighs less than 13 oz., and mail it off to a friend! How adorably cute and easy is that??

I love little things like bookplates, pens or colored pencils, stickers, chocolate, and small little trinkets. I think that this is a lovely little swap theme for someone to do. Maybe I will try it out with a friend who lives far away first and then maybe host something like this here. What do you think? Not only do you get a nice surprise in the mail, but since it is 13 oz or less, it is cheap to recycled mail too!!! Look at all that her friend sent her... who knew so much could fit in a little bottle?


elsiee said...

I love this idea, but I can just see my local cranky postal clerk giving me a hard time about trying to mail a water bottle - might just be enough reason to DO IT!!

KeaShay said...

This is adorable!!!

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