Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Little Bee...

Man oh man have I been a busy little bee.... creating beauty on paper, beauty on the computer, and hopefully beauty to hold and play with. Between that has been a relapse of AJ's ear infections, getting in the habit of working on, Girl Scout info, and PTO craziness...

But here is the good part.... it is ALL stuff that I love doing! Painting, mothering, caring for my girls and their friends, taking part in their education, and turning my body back into the powerhouse that it was in college. 

And here is yet another thing that I have going on:

That is right! Next week from Monday to Saturday I will feature 6 different Etsy shops 
(well one is mine so does it count??)
And 6 of you dear readers will win some awesome gifts!
I have some beauty items, beautiful toys, something for you baby wearing mamas,
and much much more!

So stay tuned, tell all your friends, and prepare to Get Lucky!

1 comment:

Prasti said...

i'm always in the mood to get lucky...ha, ha ;)

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