Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get Lucky Giveaway #3

Featured Seller #3- SnuggyBaby

SnuggyBaby is an awesome baby-wearing store created by Jo, a mom who not only runs a very successful Etsy shop but also her own website with all the things a mom needs for their baby!

Her Etsy profile says this:
Welcome to Snuggy Baby.

Every baby needs a sling and every mom deserves one. I tell everyone who is looking for a shower gift that every new mom needs a sling, a boppy, and a crockpot, and if they have a sling, they can get by without a boppy. Unfortunatly in my city, slings,(especially the adjustable ring slings) are impossible to buy. 

I wanted every baby to have the benefit and every mom to have the convienienve of a sling. I also wanted to make it easier for moms to find slings that they would love as a fashion accessory as much as for the benefits to their babies and Snuggy Baby was born.

Thank you for looking at my store. I hope you find something that you love.
I discovered this wonderful Etsian when I was looking around Etsy with AJ on my lap. AJ was carrying around a baby of hers in a make shift sling and I really wanted to find someone on Etsy who made ones that didn't require me to tie complex knots. Hence I found SnuggyBaby and her lovely, well made doll slings! (AJ of course got one with monkey fabric on it, her favorite accessory by far!)

Looking around at Jo's Etsy store you only get a taste of her talent. For a true look head on over to her other store-! When I first clicked on this store I was so impressed with how easy it was to navigate around, how crisp the photos were, and the variety. There are not only the doll slings, but also wraps (my personal baby wearing favorite!), ring slings, and wet bags. The fabric variety is astounding, and I can vouch for the craftsmanship of the pieces. 

There is so many nice things I can say about this store and this seller. If you are a baby wearing mama, or have a little girl who wants to wear her dollies like mama, this is the Giveaway for you!

The lucky winner of this awesome giveaway is going to win a $20 gift certificate which can be used for ANY product at! AND, if you become a follower on Facebook here, you will get yourself yet another entry into the giveaway!! 

Giveaway Rules:

1. Visit the Featured Seller's Etsy store.
2. Come back and leave a comment with your name, 
a favorite item from the Featured Store, 
and your email so I can get a hold of you when you win!
3. Bonus entries for Facebooking, Twittering, and Blogging about the Giveaway of the Day!
(Just leave a comment with the link for each action)
4. Another bonus entry for becoming a follower of either this blog and/or the Featured Sellers blog.
Again, leave a comment so we know!

**So all in all you can get up to 6 entries to win! That is a lot of chances!** 

Winners will be chosen by and contacted by email.
The won item will be shipped out directly from the seller, not me.
If I don't hear from the winner in one week, another winner will be chosen. 

"May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go."


Melissa said...

Love the pattern on this wrap! I also became a facebook fan of this awesome company.

Melissa said...

Facebooked the giveaway too.

Gearhart Gang said...

I LOVE the Madrid baby wrap. I can't live without my wrap, but these fabric patterns are ADORABLE and so much more "fun" than my plain wrap!

pjkmitchell said...

I absolutely adore the strawberry fields child's doll carrier. Sooo cute! Then she could carry her baby like mama.
pjkmitchell at hotmail dot com

Kim said...

I think I am in love with the baby doll slings! I know my daughter would carry that thing every day of her life! She always has a baby with her! xoxo I really like the suprise party one! kimberly(dot)long(at)gmail(dot)com

KeaShay said...

KeaShay - I follow!! - 1 of my fav items is the custom felt crayon wallet - I am sharing this on my FB site as well!!! -

Kym said...

I love the Butterfly Garden Child's Doll Sling too cute!


Kym said...

I am a follower of this blog (Kym)


Kym said...


Also tried to find them on FB and I couldn't not sure if I am the only one.


alli said...

My favorite is the Fleur de Lis Wet Bag!

northssclub at yahoo dot com

alli said...

I became a follower of your blog!

northssclub at yahoo dot com

Bethany said...

i love the garden party wet bag because that's the exact same fabric i made my hooter hider out of! :)

Sami said...

My favorite is still the Adjustable Ring Sling Baby Carrier -Pink Patchwork. Love that fabric, it is soooooo cute!

Sami said... - I posted about this giveaway on my fb page:!/sabbydavis?ref=profile

Sami said...

Also just started following your blog!

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