Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking a Little Rest

After this awesome week of Giveaways I am taking a little rest for the next day or two...
Don't forget to enter for all these great gifts, you have until tonight at midnight (EST)

I have lots of dolls and fairy doors to paint, 
a burlap wreath to finish,
and a whole lot of laundry to fold! 

Oh, and go check out some of the new pics of the fairy doors in my store...they are lovely!


Bethany said...

i love some of the blogs that you have links to on yours. . . some of them don't have a "follow" button. Do you know how to follow someone with using the button?

ConnieK said...

I just add them to my blog roll, it is easier to follow people anyhow that way since I can see when they last posted.

Kym said...

Oh fairy doors, must check them out!

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