Saturday, September 6, 2008

Surf's Up Saturday- The Return of the Bento Box

I have been slacking on putting together whole bentos for lunch, most of the time Gabby is just happy with the cute shaped sandwiches and the skewers of fruit. But last night I got a bento style box and am back to a full blown obsession! Here is my new box, purchased from World Market and called a Tiffin Tin: Here are some sites that I have found with great and very inexpensive accesories for creating your own bento lunch. Aside from being fun to put together, I think that bento boxes are the way to go if you are trying to save money and be environmentally friendly. Kids are drawn to them because they are fun and nothing mixes.

Jbox is a very interesting site that has a whole bunch of Japanese items, not just bento things. The prices are great and they have a lot of things that other stores don't have like weiner shapers... who doesn't want their mini hotdog turned into a tulip?! =)
The Tiffin Tin is a great blog for getting ideas for your lunch, whether you carry a bento or brown bag it. I love how clean the layout is and very informative.

Wendolonia is another blog that is very bento- centered. This woman amazes me! She just had a baby (JUST) and is still making bentos for her little boy and posting fabulous pictures. I love how simple her bentos are and kid friendly. Gabby's lunches are very similar to her little boy's.

Another great store is called Bento Crazy. They have a good amount of bento kits and supplies. I really like red two tier box!

I Love Obento is my new shopping site. They have such cute accessories like grass dividers and silicone cups for keeping items seperate. My favorite is these cute apple mayo cups, complete with little spoons that look like worms!
Finally is a new find for the day- Japan Centre. It is a foreign store and all the prices are in pounds, but everything is only 1.49 pounds which is $2.63, not bad at all. There are a lot of people on Flickr who have ordered from there with fabulous results.

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Prasti said...

they sell a lot of these in indonesia. i remember using one when i was a kid too. i actually got one when i went back home last year...not metal like yours, but plastic. they are fun!

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