Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When Little Feet Move Mountains

AJ took her first steps today. Those wonderful, clumsy, hopeful steps away from her daddy towards me, arms out, dolly in hand. I was so excited and we could tell she was too, from the mile wide grin on her little face. She knows that she did something special. I am so excited for her, but of course sad that she is growing up so fast. Doesn't it seem only a few moments ago that she was being taken away from me in an incubator and ambulance, to the NICU since she came a little too early? Seeing her tiny arms poked and hoping that today is the day that she can breathe all by herself? And here she is, in front of me, dragging a doll and trying to get to her sister's toys.
You will move mountains baby!


autismfamily said...

I just joined the Blog train and you are listed above me. Neat that my name is Bonnie and you are Connie.

Nice pics on your blog.

Blog Train


Prasti said...

hooray for aj!

Angela said...

Yeah! Sweet moments like this are what life is made of... good for her!

Simply Stork said...

awwww! it never seems to amaze me to witness the little ones first steps...so cute!!! Horray for aj!


(I'm visiting from the blog train in to say a quick hello)

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