Sunday, September 7, 2008

A lil bit of randomness

Ok, here is some randomness from yours truly. First off, Gabby and I tried a cute art/science project from Wondertime magazine. Basically you take a plain white tee, add some cute sharpie dots, a little bit of rubbing alcohol, and voila! Cute tee!!!

Here are the better directions:
1. Cover your work surface with newspaper: Choose a picnic table outdoors (ideal), or a spot indoors near an open window, as the alcohol can be fumey. (It's flammable, too, so stay away from heat sources.)
2. Lay the T-shirt flat on the work surface, then slip the cup inside the shirt from the bottom, standing the cup upright in the place you'd like to start decorating. Stretch the rubber band over the T-shirt and the rim of the cup, pulling the T-shirt taut.
3. Put the bottle cap in the center of the stretched fabric. Have your child use a marker to make a circle of dots around the bottle cap, keeping the dots fairly close to the cap.
4. Remove the bottle cap. Using the eyedropper, slowly squeeze 20 drops of rubbing alcohol onto the blank spot where the cap was. (Supervise closely or do this part yourself; the alcohol can sting and is dangerous if ingested.) As the fabric absorbs the alcohol, the ink will spread outward in a circular pattern like fireworks. Allow the design to dry for 5 minutes before repeating on a new area of the shirt.
5. Experiment with different shapes — a dotted star, a heart, or concentric rings of dots. To make flowers, when the designs are dry, slip some paper towels inside the shirt and draw stems with markers.
6. When the shirt is done and completely dry, pop it in the dryer for 20 minutes to set the colors, then wash and dry as usual.
......and the cute results!

Next I wanted to share Klint's lunch for tonight in the new lunch tote... I am so proud of it. I didn't realize how much fits in this tin though... Three tiers is a lot of food! The menu included some chili with cheese in the shape of fish with sausage eye and smile, crackers, apple crisp, peaches, mini carrots, and gummi worms. When I get my rice cooker and egg shapers then the lunches will look a little more Japanese, but Klint was pretty excited about my creation!

Speaking of being in the kitchen, we repainted ours a wonderful pumpkiny orange color. We hadn't planned on repainting, but a little DIY oops demanded a do-over. I love the color though, changed the whole feel to the kitchen!

And finally, a pic of the soon to be one year old... isn't she so big? She is a total camera ham =)


AuntieSarah321 said...
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AuntieSarah321 said...

OMG! LOVED IT! AJ is getting big. I can not believe she is gonna be 1 soon! Ok I read your blog now read mine. Keep writing!

Melissa said...

oooh. The kitchen looks so nice!

movefearlessly said...

SOOO cute! you have a GREAT blog!

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