Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Projects Abound!

So for those of you who truly know me you know that I bounce from projects and interest pretty quick. I like to change things up a lot and can't stand repetitive things that require the skills of a trained monkey to complete. I also love to learn new skills and to try new ways of doing things, even if they don't make sense initially. I have found that if something works, go for it, don't fight it.
Well here are some new projects that I am working on!
1. Resin Jewelry: This is a hot thing on Etsy and I was really skeptical to try it but so far so good... no reports of blindness or skin rashes. Here is the tutorial that I used to guide me, plus a kit that I bought from PatCatans. I will share pics as soon as the pieces are done hardening.
2. Chalkboard Paint: I really love the idea behind chalkboard paint and can't wait to complete the project this weekend in the girl's room. AJ is a natural troublemaker so writing on the walls isn't a farfetch. At least now she will have an area of her room to draw on and it will be ok, plus chalk is pretty easy to clean up.

3. Learning how to sew- This is a dream project meaning that I have every intention of learning but each time I think of how easier it is to use stitch-witchery or fabric glue and put the machine back. I have downloaded cute patterns for bags and pillows... even picked out fabric. Curtains are about all I can manage right now though. I would love to make an apron one day.... anyone want to trade skills? =)

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