Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yay for a Fresh Start!

Desktop calendar by me!!! Download it here

Hello 2010!!! I am so excited for January to be here for a couple of reasons....
a) It is my birthday month and this year I am turning 29!! (Maybe there is another tattoo in the near future?!)
b) The days are going to be getting longer
c) Holiday craziness is over and people regain their sanity whilst shopping
d) I can start planning my garden and think about what flowers I can get started indoors
e) A fresh start and a new outlook for the year!!

Here are some craft projects that I am going to be completing this month: (I found that if I make a list that is doable I won't get sidetracked by other projects that I see)
  1. Rain Gutter Book Shelves - I think this will make a huge difference in how my kids pick out books to read!
  2. Ribbon Jar - This goes along with getting more organized and not buying stuff I don't need!
  3. Homemade Marshmellow- DONE!!! OMG are they delicious! Pics to follow tomorrow!
  4. Down Comforter Duvet- Pattern is from the book Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter... can't wait to get that done!
  5. Curtains with pockets for my girls' room and the guest bedroom- Again, from Simple Sewing 

 Some other things that I am going to be putting into place this month:

  1. Get Organized 2010 Cleaning Challenge- Sooooo excited for this!! Come on my journey as I follow the plan and get a heck of a lot more organized in 2010 with this awesome and totally doable plan! Every week I will post pics of the before and after so you can see what a difference a whole lot of baby steps make!
  2. Redoing the play room with this awesome list from The Parenting Passageway- Our playroom is too cluttered and full of toys that none of the children play with. I would love a space that encourages creative play and not just mess without purpose! 
  3. Getting back my pre-college body (yes I got the Freshman 15 and then some!) thanks to this inspiring story. Again, it is all about the baby steps! Once the weather is more asthma friendly I will be back running as well... for now it is Zumba and swimming time. I am going to start in January by cutting out all drive through breakfast which is a total guilty pleasure for me.

And that is about it for now! It is a lot, but really not since they are just monthly goals and very attainable.  Lots of pics will be posted and I am sure that January will fly by!

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