Friday, January 8, 2010

DIY: Easy and Green Dream Garland

I will be the first to admit that I have a love of everything crafty, whether I can do it or not. Since it got chillier out I have rediscovered my love of sewing and more so, my love of things that are a bit simpler and use materials that I already have around the house. Also fueling this is one of my Christmas presents, my "something to read", Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule.

One of the projects in there is how to make your own pretty bunting (garland, banner, flags) out of recycled materials. While I didn't read through the directions I loved the look and immediately thought of the tons of linen I have in my armoire as well as my overflowing bucket of scrap fabric.

Being me you have to know a few things about this project (which took me about 2 hours):
a) I did not measure anything
b) I did not use fusible web or anything under the letters
c) All the letters were done free hand
d) The more planning I did was lay out the fabrics to see the order that I wanted the colors to go! =)

Materials Needed:
  • Fabric for letters (use up your scraps or take apart some old clothes for a more meaningful touch!)
  • Fabric for the banner iteself (how much depends on how big you want each individual flag to be and how many letters are in the word)  I used linen, others use cotton or recycled wool sweaters that have been felted.
  • Ribbon (other tutorials used invisible thread or bias tape)
  • disappearing marker
  • scissors
  • pinking shears
  • sewing machine with zig zag stitch

Here is the How To:
  1. Decide what word you want to spell and evaluate your fabric selection. Arrange the fabric in the pattern that you want them to appear.
  2. Measure and cut out your flags. I wanted mine to be about 6x6 inches, I added an inch for the ribbon at the top. The easiest way to do this is to fold your flag fabric in half (long ways) and then just cut out the shape, making sure you get both layers. (I am sure there are better, more accurate ways to do this, but this is me- I just go with it!)
  3. Once you have the flags cut out, decide how big you want your letters to be. I just took the first letter of my word "D" and using my disappearing marker drew it out right there on the fabric. I then used that to gauge how big the other letters should be. You could also print out letter templates if you want them to look perfect! 
  4. Pin the letters onto their flags and stand back to make sure that they look good as a whole.
  5. Using a zig zag I simply sewed the letters onto the bunting. This worked out fine for me, just be careful to not let bubbles or creases occur.
  6. Now take your ribbon or whatever you want to banner to be hung on and drape the flags over the top, being careful to make sure that the ribbon is at the top all the way across. Make sure your spacing for each flag is pretty even.
  7. Sew a line across the top of each flag securing it to the ribbon.Viola! Instant cuteness to any space!!

Here are some other links that I found for other styles of fabric garlands!!
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Melissa said...

I love these simple banners. I believe I have another thing on my project to-do list.

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