Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fun Felt Food by SewLindsey

I met this Etsy seller in a chat room and I must admit that I am sooo impressed with her food.
You can tell that she took a lot of time and thought into something that her children will love to play with
and at the same time won't give her a headache.
I love playfood, but am hard pressed to find anything in a big box store that is not plastic,
not made in China, or that looks this nice!!

This is what her shop announcement says:
Welcome to SewLindsey. Felt food made for kids and adults alike! Each item is uniquely hand stitched from Eco Felt which is 100% Polyester made from RECYCLED post-consumer plastic bottles.

Why felt food? It's softer, lovable, more lifelike and way cooler than plastic play food!

****SHIPPING: I can usually ship the next business day! I ship first class which states is generally 3 days for United States orders. I now also ship Internationally! 

Thanks for checking out my shop :) All felt food that I sew I try to make as close as possible to the real food in size and appearance. Little hands love to cook food just like mom and dad!

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Isn't that awesome?? Here are some pics of her food and I hope that you will check out her store here!

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Lindsey said...

Thanks so much again for posting about my food! :)

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