Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crafts Aplenty!

There are so many craft tutorials out there that I want to do... some sooner than others since I want to make something cute for Gabby's class for Valentine's day! The lovely pillow above is something that I want to get going on tonight as well since I have some scrap fabric that needs to be used. The tutorial looks easy as pie and is here, brought to you by Bright and Blithe.

I love the idea of making valentine's for Gabby that the kids can use, not just look at and then toss. These crayon hearts are perfect for these kindergartners!And while I am at it, I may try to make a few of these Valentine's day chair backers (as seen in Pottery Barn!!) for home... maybe not even specifically for Valentine's day, but just because! This tutorial is genius!

Or I could just do what I love and paint a whole bunch of peggie ninjas and dolls for the class... that is definitely an option!! Here is one of my newest dolls- Spoolie Little Red Riding Hood.... she comes as a blond or a brunette!

There is lots more to say and show, but those are the biggies for now!! Have a great day!


Prasti said...

yay for crafts :) the little doll is so cute!

{i create} said...

Love the pillow!

Anonymous said...

I am going to try the valentine backer lol. Lets see how badly I do. the doll is adorable!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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