Thursday, January 7, 2010

The List 1.7.10

A New Year and already I am finding so much inspiration to get back to what I do best and to become the kind of mom and wife that I want to be. Yesterday someone on the Etsy forum checked out my blog and had lots of great things to say, but also commented that I should try to par down the list of Inspiration Blogs that I peruse. I thanked her for her kind words and took a look at that list. And I couldn't delete any... they all inspire me in one way or another. Some are full of parenting advice that is steering me into unfamiliar but more friendly paths of Waldorf and Montessori learning, others are simply great blogs about families who are triumphing over tragedy, while others have homes that are chuck full of unique things and design. I feel inspired reading them and take away so much information and spark.

Here are some things that are inspiring me in some way and I hope that they do the same for you!!

I really want to get even greener this year by getting rid of our plastic sandwich baggies. For the most part we don't use them, but they are still there in the drawer, just in case.... I would so much rather use these reusable ones... plus they are very nice to look at! (@ RosyUndPosy

Another goal of mine is to make our playroom really imaginative and fun. I know Gabby and Amelia would love some Super Hero Poncho Capes like these... I will have to learn how to sew a zipper though, lol!  (@ Filth Wizardry)

A lot of families that I know need to encourage their kids in a more positive way instead of focusing on the bad... including us. I think that we would really benefit from using a system that rewards good and thoughtful behavior. Why not try this idea with marbles and a jar? You can even use buttons! (@ Let's Explore)

Another personal goal of mine is to stay at home and enjoy our home more instead of always going off to here and there. An activity like making our own play dough seems like a good start that will keep all of us busy for a bit! (@ Babyccino)

Even though I really love designing for other people, sometimes it is fun to sit back and let someone else do the designing for my own business cards and such! I would love these adorable Kokeshi Calling cards for my birthday or Valentine's Day (hint hint!) (@ Stephanie Fizer)

The word budget has always had really bad connotations for me... but maybe with the help of this guide I won't see is as something that is going to force me to give up what I love but as a tool to start clearing out all of our debt and saving for the future! (@ Simple Mom)

There are even more things that have caught my eye... but I am in the process of piecing my new duvet together for sewing (yay!!) so I will save those for next time! Till then Ciao and Happy Inspiring!

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SweetSamantha said...

I know how you feel about budgets! I felt the same way. We started keeping one a little over a year ago, and I actually LOVE. I don't worry anymore about where the money's going or if there will be money to pay something b/c it's already accounted for. A budget also helped us to pay off more than 2/3 of our debt...we hope to be debt free (except our house) this year! (We did Dave Ramsey for our budget stuff)

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