Thursday, January 14, 2010

The List 1.14.10

How is the new year treating everyone? I have been busy every day painting new dolls and sewing new fabric flowers for the shop... it is nice to feel accomplished.
Here are some wonderful things that I have found around the webs, things to inspire, things to buy, and of course, things to make! Have fun reading and let me know any fun links that you have found that I missed!

I love lists, especially lists of things that I can do to both go greener and keep more green in our bank account! This is an awesome bit of information so you can see how you are doing since a Frugal Family is a Green Family! (@Simple Mom)

One of these days I would still like to learn how to quilt. Maybe one of these wonderfully simple quilt kits would get me going? (@ Make Do and Mend Quilts)

My girls are fascinated with the dolls that I make so I think I am going to make them their own. I am loving these cute little clothespin mermaid dolls!! (@ Pink and Green)

Of course those dolls are going to need a house and although I have made a couple cute fabric travel dollhouses, I really like this bitty and simple dollhouse for AJ to play with. Super cheap too!
(@ Bright and Blithe)

We are going really well with the whole not eating out as much... especially when you look at it from the cost department... who knew that you could make your own happy meals for so little?! (@ The Motherload)

Awhile ago I decided to hang my jewelry on a tree branch instead of having it tucked away in a box. I never thought to paint the branch though to give it a more finished look!! (@ Centsational Girl)

Cute baby shoes really make me want another baby... ok not really, but I really wish that I had known about these when AJ and Gabby were little!!! (@ Gracious May)

Finally, this is a DOOZY! As many of you know I am in love love love with Pottery Barn, Land of Nod, and West Elm type furniture, but there is NO WAY in heck that I can afford to furnish my house from them. In comes Knock Off Wood to the rescue!!

Never mind the fact that I am not the most handy person around... with these plans (and they are GREAT plans!) I really think I could find Home Depot not only exciting but a daily trip. Even, just to start, my dear hubby does the building and I do the decorating, that is fine by me!
I want to make Simplest, Cheapest Bookcases, play washer and dryer, Grocery Store, and so much more! Now to get hubby on board with his tools!!!

So what are you going to make today?!

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