Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Birthday List 1.21.10

Yes, today is my birthday! Yay for making it through another year and for celebrating the start of my last year as a 20-something. =) Although a lot of people dread birthdays I love them. I love that I am getting older and hopefully wiser, that I am able to handle a lot of what life throws at me, and even the thought of those little lines and such. It just means that I smiled a lot, enjoyed the sun, and am no longer going to be mistaken for my girl's babysitter, lol! So in celebration here is a list of things that I found that are very "me". Projects I love, colors and photos I adore, and best of all- things I would love to buy! Enjoy and smile today!!

I love sewing, especially sweet little notes like these, for my Hubby and girls! (@ Sew Mama Sew)

One of the best parts of growing older is being able to make important decisions, especially when it comes to your kids and their education and upbringing. Thanks to Underground Moms I am questioning a lot of what normal society does, including helicopter parenting, preschool that stresses academics, and even homework for elementary schoolers. I have a feeling that this year is going to be very interesting for my little ones!!

I am obsessed with earrings right now since I don't take off my necklace. Teeny tiny ones are my favorite and here are some that are on my "To Buy" list:
Teeny House Earrings
Tiny Heart Studs
Light Pink Rose Earrings
Bitty Strawberry studs
Teeny Tiny Horse Studs

Another craft thing I am doing these days is learning how to needle felt thanks to my great friend Melissa. She has beautiful wool spheres (balls, lol) so be sure to check out her shop. I think that I am going to use some Etsy funds to buy some pretty wool from this shop.

Once I get said wool I would love to buy this kit and learn how to make a cute lil wool hedgehog!

Lastly, one of my favorite things about this past year was all the photographs that we took of the girls and the world. I love seeing them change and I know that this is another year that I have to watch them grow and discover. Here are a few of my favorites- enjoy!!

There are sooo many more, but these are the faves I found in the Import folder- lol!!

Have a great day everyone!!


Prasti said...

happy birthday!!

Ponytails and pretties said...

Happy birthday. Are you going to enjoy a b-day run today??

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!! Thanks for plugging my wool balls. Feel free to come over any time and stab wool with me!

Layney Dasher said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Sew Amore said...

aw we have the same birthday! :) happy late birthday!

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