Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today I Feel: Content. I managed to take three kids to the zoo without losing my temper, sanity, or one of them!

I Love the Smell of: My new peppermint cleaning set by Mrs. Meyers ... love it!

I am reading: Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer (4th in the Twilight series)

Outside it is: Cold as all get out!!! Flurries everywhere and a definite winter chill going on!

I Wish: that my feet would warm up and that my bubble bath wouldn't run out...ever.

My girls are: both a source of joy, especially during naptime... =)

I am inspired by: crafty people, everyone from Martha Stewart to bloggers like Homemade by Jill.

My favorite thing: is my new necklace from http://www.dogeared.com/ , a teeny piece of pink coral meant to inspire my creativity.
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