Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

...is a place to keep my craftiness organized and cute!

For Christmas I have mentioned that we are only giving each other 4 gifts: Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. Well, my want and need are one and the same: a place to keep my craft supplies organized, a place where I can craft and feel inspired but can close the doors and leave a project half done without fear of little hands (or paws) getting into the glue, glitter, and papers. So I started looking for inspiration and found exactly what I wanted at (of course) Martha Stewarts's website. =) Do you see why I am adoring this woman nowadays? This was my mecca of craft areas:

It is a place that I can close, is cute, and very well organized. Problem is though that is takes a lot of work to find two sturdy bookcases that match but are different depths, not to mention the cost of fitting them together, fitting them with plaxiglass shelves, etc... so we thought about what else would work within a $100 budget... when the answer was looking at me as we thought and thought... our catch-all closet in the playroom!! It holds all the things that don't have a home, things that are forgotten and not needed or have a place elsewhere in the house. This is the inspiration picture from Better Homes and Gardens magazine- 100 tips for Organization.

So now that we know what is going to house my craft area I need ideas on where to get cute storage supplies, tools that you use to keep your inspiration flowing but not overflowing into your living areas. What organizational tool can you not live without? I need to get everything from a desk to shelves, etc so help my hubby out and send your organize tips and tricks here!!

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