Sunday, December 14, 2008

Charity Project

Teaching our kids to give to others is really important, not only does it benefit others but it makes them feel like they are making a difference in the world. This Christmas we are going to make some homeless kitties very happy by making some catnip filled birdies using the awesome pattern by Spool Sewing found here. While I am pretty inept at using a sewing machine, this pattern is super easy to do by hand and is quick enough that I can make a few during naptime or while relaxing before bed. I sew the birds and then Gabby helps me stuff them with poly-fil and catnip (Cosmic Catnip is the best!) then AJ puts them in the basket. We are going to take them to the Berea Animal Shelter where we adopted Tuck (the cat of my heart). What are you doing this holiday season for others?

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Israel Charity said...

Whether it's a Christmas gift for your husband, wife, child or friend, the act of giving is a show of love and appreciation. It also satisfies a basic need in all of us to please another. All too often, though, we forget about the larger purpose of giving, the purpose giving Christmas gifts to charity can fulfill.

Of course the act of giving a gift to a loved one or someone close to you has an immediate positive impact in seeing the joy on their face as they receive the gift and then them lighting up when they see how much you thought and cared to pick that particular gift for them.

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