Sunday, December 21, 2008

Craft of the day: Pin Cushion Bracelet

Now that I am dabbling in sewing I have discovered a few things that I need for the process to go smoothly, like a pin cushion. Of course me being me it can't be just any pin cushion! So I looked around and came up with this to aid me with my couch sewing. Now I don't have to use one of my little stuffed birds for the job!!

Snapple bottle Cap or cap of similar size
3x3 square of fabric
glue gun
needle and thread
elastic cut to fit around your wrist comfortably but snug enough to not slide.

How To:
1. Using a running stitch gather the fabric into a ball leaving enough room to stuff the ball with poly-fil.
2. Close the ball tight and roll it to shape it.
3. Using a glue gun attach ribbon to the outside rim of the bottle cap.
4. Attach a button to the place where the ribbon overlaps.
5. Use a generous amount of hot glue in the inside of the bottle cap, making sure to also get the inside rim.
6. Press your fabric ball firmly in the bottle cap, hold for a few seconds
7. Using the glue gun attach the elastic to the top of the bottle cap, creating a bracelet.

Voila! An instant pin cushion that even protects your wrist from pokes with the bottle cap, and you are doing a bit of good for the environment by recycling!!

You can even make a pin cushion ring using a smaller bottle cap like this found on Etsy and the source of my inspiration!!

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