Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!

Yesterday, Dec 6th, was our 5 year anniversary! Yay for making it though 5 years of wonderful, scary, hard, and amazing. We started out a couple of rogue Greeks, fresh out of college, who decided to elope to another country, lived in a closet of an apartment, and got ourselves a baby as a honeymoon souvenier. Now we are living in the burbs with a mortgage, two lil girls, bills, pets, and still going strong.

Klint and I like to tell each other that our marriage is an adventure, always keeping us on our toes and never dull. (How life can be dull with two girls, 4 cats, and one nutty dog plus a slew of dysfunctional family members is beyond me!!) I like to tease him that in my day I kissed a lot of frogs, but I needed to in order to find my prince. No matter what, we are living happily ever after. =)

Here are some pics of our past and present: Enjoy!!!

We eloped to Niagara Falls, Canada
Last day of college at Baldwin-Wallace

Decided to elope in November

Preggo with Gabby Rae, still had 3 months to go!!

Gabby at 8 months

Klint and Gabby when she was almost 2

Gabby at 3 years

Preggo with AJ, still had 1 1/2 months to go!!

In the NICU with AJ on the day she got to come home!

AJ at 7 months
AJ playing in the pumpkin field, she just turned 1 =)

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Prasti said...

congratulations! i hope the two of you got some time alone to celebrate.

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