Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's a Craft Explosion!

So in the last three days I have discovered two fun, simple, and oh so cute crafts that anyone and everyone should do- baby legwarmers and covered button hair bands!!

The legwarmers are easy enough that since I don't yet have a sewing machine I just sewed them by hand and they still look super cute. The tutorial that I found on Flickr does a great job of explaining the process and helped me with the initial directions. Just go buy yourself some cute knee high socks at Target and in about 20 mins (by hand) you should have a great pair of legwarmers for your little one! The tutorial is here.

And next we have a very cute, banish those bad hair days away, craft- Covered button hair bands and bobby pins! First go get the kit from Jo-Ann's- super cheap. Then gather some of your scrap fabric. Follow the directions on the back of the kit and voila! Then either tie a rubber band onto the finished button or add a blank bobby pin. Here is the tutorial for these and other cute ideas for what to do with covered buttons.

Where do I get all my supplies to make all these fun things you ask? Etsy sellers for the most part (unless I am feeling impatient, then I go to Jo-Ann's). Here is a list of some of my suppliers:

Wunderkind - kokeshi dolls to paint
Gemmielou - Tons of Kokeshi dolls and families- SUPER cheapo!
Uberstitch - fabric galore, I love their fat quarter sets
BigFish - buttons galore and other sewing materials
Beads2u - my alligator clips for making cute hair clippies
SupplyRiot - all kinds of fabric, covered button supplies, art supplies
Tobysmom - covered button blanks and kits- VERY cheap prices!!
ReductionNation - blank bobby pins, perfect for covered buttons!
SunandMoonCraftKits - everything you need to make scrabble tile pendants, glass magnets, bottle cap crafts, and tons more. Browse but beware that there is a good chance you will leave with your wallet a little lighter!

I am sure that there are more, but these sellers have been the best! Try them out and make some fun things for your and your little ones!
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