Friday, December 19, 2008

New Light Box and New Products

I love learning how to make something that would normally cost a ton out of things just laying about, it makes me giddy. Especially when those things help me sell my crafts. Thanks to a fellow Etsian I learned how to make a light box out of a gallon milk jug instead of having to buy one just to sell my hair clips. "How do I make one?", you ask? Go here to Larsphotography and check out the pic. Even the most simple crafter should be able to see how Lars made it. And I can vouch that it works... here is my light box as well as a pair of clips I am about to list:

I am also excited that my great friend Hana is going to join me on Etsy and add her beautiful fleece blankets to my store, I can't wait to work with her on a lot of new projects. Hana and I go back farther than any other friend I have and she knows more about me than all. She is a really talented web developer who also coaches volleyball and visits whenever she can. Go check out her portfolio here!

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