Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Save Handmade Toys

I love featuring handmade toys on here, toys made with love by people who care deeply about what they are making. But come February 10, 2009 all that is going to dissapear. Once again legislation has been passed out of fear, not education, and this effects everyone reading this. While we are all for making sure that toys that are toxic do not make their way into our homes, Congress passed a very ignorant law that will wipe out every small toy maker, crafter, and artisan who pours their hearts and souls into creating wonderful things for our children.

The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act was created to prevent more situations like the mass lead recalls, but fails the public in so many other ways. There is no way that me or you can afford the thousands of dollars that it takes for all of our products to be third party tested and labled, let alone the small toy companies, the Etsy crafters, or the grandfathers who carve cars for craftshows. Thinking about the people impacted by this makes me sick as a crafters, an Etsian, and a mom who adores handmade toys.

Please please please click the picture above and take action. Maybe we can get Congress to recind this mindless act and reform it so that is does more good than harm.


About Me said...

Thank you for addressing this, AND for casting your vote.:)

Prasti said...

thanks for bringing this up. what a shame...

i will link this to my blog as well.

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