Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project Simplify

On Monday I will start something called Project Simplify over at Simple Mom. Over the years I have gotten progressively more organized and... well, cleaner, but there are still areas of the house that continue to elude my efforts. What attracted me to the project is the fact that it is only 5 weeks, you have 1 week to tackle the problem area, and that it is very focused. Personally, my problem areas are my area of the bedroom, the kitchen counters, the dining room table/craft area, our coat area, and the desk. All areas of complete chaos and clutter most of the time. And even when company comes over and I clean those places, within the week they are back to their usual disarray.

Today I got a head start by attacking the craft room/ dining room. This is a dual purpose room because it is actually a three season sun room. It gets quite chilly in the winter so we do not eat in there, but I bundle up and craft, knowing that my projects will not be disturbed. However, because I have that knowledge sometimes my supplies and such take over the space, I attribute my crafter's ADD to the messiness, lol!  Tomorrow I will post the before and after photos because it took my allll day and by the time I was done it was night.... yes my friends, it was THAT messy!

So that starts Monday. But over the weekend we had a starter assignment- create a family purpose statement. This is something that Klint and I have discussed before, but more along the lines of what we hope for the girls, how we want our family to live, etc. Never have we put something down on paper. I am sure that there will be more or something we want to reword.... but for now this is our Family Purpose Statement:
Not too bad huh? I can't wait to see what is the first hotspot for Project Simplify.... anyone else out there doing this as well?

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