Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 Months Old!

This little ham is 3 months old!
She is a smiley, happy girl who rarely cries.
Moira loves to wrap her hands in my clothes while she sleeps next to me,
as well as when she is nursing.
She is definitely a mama's girl!!

Moira Marie (as I like to call her) has started really laughing,
sleeps through the night pretty consistently,
and has taken an interest in watching the girls play.
She makes everyone around her smile and is awake a lot more these days.

I love tickling her toes which always gets a giggle,
watching her smile at her bird mobile (she looooves it!),
and hearing her snore- girlfriend has some sound to her sleep!
All in all, she is growing and changing but remains our ever cheerful baby!!

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