Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Science Experiments and More!

Here are some cool things that I have found on the web....

Got bored kids? How about some fun and cheap science experiments! Try some milk fireworks, some yummy Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream,  or some oooey gooey Oobleck!

Now that Gabby is reading I am exploring ways to encourage her to move into chapter books... these tips from Homeschool Classroom are really helpful.

Speaking of homeschooling, we are learning about coins and money for math. This is a great idea for combining math with science and another cool rainy day activity!

Sometimes a girl just needs a new apron! AJ loves to cook in the kitchen with Klint, I imagine that shrinking this cute apron tutorial to fit her would be a breeze...

Doesn't the thought of throwing an ice cream themed party sound like fun??  Here are the invites, cone hat tutorial, and the cake and goodie "bag" tutorial!

and finally, when you have to clean up the kids from all the melted ice cream- Puffy Bathtub Paint!! Get the how-to here!

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