Friday, March 25, 2011

Where to Begin?

Well, now that I have had some time to breathe I can finally begin to tell you all about our wonderful vacation in Atlanta GA. We went to visit some much loved friends who are truly more like family and left with very reluctant hearts. (Seriously, sunburn in March? Unheard of here in Ohio!) I don't think I could have asked more of my children, who slept going down and back like champs, never asked "Are we there yet?", and behaved in a manner that made this mama proud. We were there from Sunday morning until late Wednesday night and fit in just enough that everyone was content and peaceful.

We ate at wonderful restaurants, toured the Atlanta Federal Reserve, ran amuck at local playgrounds, climbed a mountain, awed over the Georgia Aquarium, and spent precious moments with our friends. We saw cool artwork, cool shops, and tried new things like peanut butter & pickle sandwiches. (yum!) In the next few days I will share photos with you, I hope you enjoy them!

Here are some awesome photos of Atlanta and my friend's neighborhood as well as some park photos...

Our first look at Atlanta at about 7:30am Sunday morning

There was a lot of very cool graffiti there!

Who knew that it was so blue and springy in March?!

The Coka-Cola Museum

By far the best writing on a bench yet!

So that is it so far.... tomorrow I will share the photos from our visit at the aquarium... they are AMAZING!
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