Monday, March 28, 2011

To the Top of the World

Ok, well not really, but for us it was close enough! On Tuesday we went to a wonderful place called Stone Mountain. It is the largest chunk of granite on Earth and even as huge as it is to see, only 1% is visible! We took a Swiss cable car up to the top and then hiked down and around back to the car. I am not going to lie.... it was very hot and sweaty since I was wearing Moira, and Klint and I even got a hint of a sunburn... but it was so nice to be hot! Gabby and AJ loved the hike and I believe that the grownups did more complaining than the kids, lol. Here are some photos:

Stone Mountain

Moira and I

Monument on Stone Mountain




family mountain 2


It was a wonderful day, full of sunshine, friends, and adventure!
Definitely a place I will be going back to!!
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Prasti said...

love all the vacation photos. looks like you guys had a blast! i really miss going to an aquarium (had one when we lived in seattle, but none here in cleveland)...though every time i go to one i always want seafood afterward. lol!

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