Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Things

Today was a good day... Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It was just me, the hubby, and the girls- no other little ones to wrangle
2. I went to a PTO meeting and remembered why I took Gabby out of the public school system in the first place. Not that the particular school or teachers are bad... just that the system itself is so flawed...
3. I finished a very cute monkey mobile for a friend, I hope she likes it... pics to come tomorrow!
4. I stopped freaking out about the upcoming vacation to GA and put a game plan together that is very reasonable.
5. Waffles fries + melted cheese from Mr. Hero's is recipe for a good day, any day!

Now, here are 5 cool things that I have found on the web that really caught my eye:
1. We love the movie Up... here is the real life version!

2. Going along with the whole homeschooling thing... this post really made me smile because I am finding out that a lot of my public schooling friends have some serious misconceptions about why we homeschool.

3. Who cares about Shamrocks and Pots of Gold on St. Patrick's Day when you can make rainbow pudding?! I am definitely serving this to the girls next week!

4. I love love love this idea for a toddler bed for Miss Moira when she is ready!! All the nooks and crannies a little girl could want without all the muss and fuss!

5. Just found this blog today and I am really digging it! Her kids are adorable, the photos are bright and colorful, and everyone knows I am a sucker for kids!

And that's my day!!! We are supposed to get hit with tons of snow tomorrow so we will see what the day brings!

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