Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Tuesday Luvin'

Happy Tuesday Folks! While getting ready for our first family vacation EVER I am busy packing clothes for the Littles, making some adorable felt finger puppets, and gathering fun ideas for the Homeschooler and the others for Thursday's St. Patrick's Day celebration. Here are some pretty neat things I have found around the web:

I have conquered Rainbow Pancakes, Rainbow Cupcakes, and lots of other rainbow goodies... but these Rainbow Waffles just make me smile!

And after you are done with all the rainbow and green goodies, hop over here to find out how to make these very "bunny" Marshmallow Bunny Plushies... super cute!

Speaking of plushies, if bunnies aren't quite your cup of tea, how about these easy peasy Plush Whales? (Can you tell that my kids have a ton of plushies thanks to tutorials like these?!)

If playing with plushies aren't your kids style, what about these awesomely terrific Dragon Tails for playing pretend with? My kids are dying for me to make some ever since they saw the tutorial up on the computer!!

Ok, enough of the kiddy stuff!! I am itching to put something new on our door for Spring and I think that a Moss Covered Wooden Letter, maybe adorned with a birdie nest and eggs, would be perfect. Get the how-to here... =)

Well, that's about it.... gotta love procrastination ala web-surfing! What are you making this week?

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