Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why I Love Selling Books

This week was a busy week for books and me. I helped a friend with a book fair at our local YMCA and couldn't have asked for a better turnout! Not only did we sell over $900 in books (WOW!) but we gave the child watch room at that Y $450 in FREE books.... people, that is A LOT of books! And the best part is that it didn't cost the Y anything and didn't cost us anything.

For me, I love selling these books because they are everything I believe in and nothing that goes against my feelings on kids and how they learn. I know that you don't need gimmicks to get kids to read if the book is well written and engaging. I know that it is a far better to reward a child for starting a habit of reading by putting a free book in that child's hand instead of giving them a certificate for pizza. And I know that no matter how mad I get at my kids, if they ask for a book or ask to be read to I will NEVER say no.

Well, since I am talking about these books so much why don't I share our favorite 10 Usborne Books? You can find them everywhere from Borders to libraries so check them out... and if you like them a lot you can purchase them from either of my friends here or here! (My e-store is on hiatus while I am on maternity leave!)

So there ya have our favorite titles from Usborne, which I why I started selling them in the first place- I wanted free books for my family! Not only do I get to earn some extra money selling something I believe in, but the free books are an awesome benefit. 
Well that is that.... off to get ready for another YMCA's book fair!
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