Monday, October 18, 2010

More Things I Love!

Hello readers! How is everyone doing? I am actually having a really good day... surprising considering at one point I had 5 kids in my care, 4 of which were under the age of 3! It seems like on days like today, when the odds are really stacked against me, I seem to thrive.... why is that? I managed to clean, get a cute craft in, painted some of the little girl's nails, made an awesomely cute butterfly themed lunch, read some Halloween stories, and no one cried or was fighting. Amazing! Yet, on days when it is just me and my girls I am pulling my hair out, the house is a mess, and I can't get a handle on my temper... lol.

Anyhow, here are some cool things I have seen around the web... enjoy!!!

I just discovered the coolest blog, Another Lunch, about Bento and Muffin Tin styled lunches for the little ones that are THEMED! The photos are awesome, directions are included, and best of all the writer has links to the tins or other supplies that she uses to create her materpieces! Check it out here!

Isn't this spooky lunch awesome?

Speaking of Bento lunches... I found an awesome European site called Bento&Co that has some of the most unique Bento Boxes I have EVER seen! Some remind me more of computer components than lunch boxes, and others like this LEGGO styled box is just plain fun! Prices are reasonable and they do a loose translation of Euros to dollars. 

I have been talking with a lot of people lately about unschooling and homeschooling in general. One of the biggest things people bring up is the issue of socialization and how to measure whether the kids are actually learning. I love this list that has 15 Organizing Models that are BETTER for Childhood Learning!

Lots of people I know are having babies and therefore I have a reason to sew and craft away. I love this idea of an on-the-go baby change kit that you can just throw in whatever purse you are carrying and know that you have all the essentials in case of a blow-out. Super cute baby shower gift too!

Looking for a cute way to package treats for a Halloween party or something? Check out this adorable treat box that makes Zombie Animals look oh so cute and better yet, it is a FREE printable!

Finally, I am in love with soap in general, but this Hot Chocolate Soap really has my mouth watering.... PLEASE check out this wonderful Etsy Shop called SunBasilGarden... you will not be disappointed! Here are wonderful goodies you will find there and YES, it is ALL SOAP!!!

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Sunbasilgarden said...

What a awesome bunch of finds!!! Love your blog. Thanks so much for including Sunbasilgarden soaps too.

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