Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm a LUSH

A couple of days ago we ventured to the other side of Cleveland to Beachwood, a very "posh" area known for expensive restaurants, stores, and a mall that caters to the well-to-do that reside there (or wishes that they did!)
Even though as a whole this area is not really my cup of tea (I refuse to pay $200 for a pair of jeans), there are some stores that do call my name from time to time. One of those is LUSH.

LUSH is a cosmetic store that is vegan friendly, handmade, and really good for your family to use. Their packaging is minimal, they use only organic ingredients, and they only test on humans. All this is well and good, but my reason for shopping there is purely aesthetic.... I love how the products look and smell. Sure, a bath bomb may cost around $4, but it makes the tub purple and has sparkles in it! How cool is that?! Plus, the names for all the products are cool... Lovely Jubblies (awesome breast cream), Dr. Peppermint (a solid shampoo), and Ickle Baby Bot (a bath bomb for kids). This store makes Bath and Body Works feel like the McDonalds of body care!

I will be getting the Hair Henna Dye when I need a color boost this winter and am looking forward to another lovely bath complete with a Butterball Bath Bomb, candles, and some peaceful quiet!

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♥ Noelle ♥ said...

omg!! loooove those bath bombs!! so wish we had a LUSH store here!

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