Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nesting at It's Best

I know I am nesting when I drag my poor husband into the fray and demand that EVERYTHING be removed from rooms so I can rearrange things. This weekend was a major nesting time for me, especially since we went to IKEA and I got my little hands on some fun things to help control my household clutter.

I didn't take "before" photos because well... I wasn't going to expose your fragile minds to the horrors of a house with 2 resident little girls. 3 "borrowed" little girls, 4 cats, and a giant shedding dog.... seriously, you would be in a state of shock! So what all did we do? Here is the breakdown of the crazy nesting-ness by room.

1. Took out all furniture
2. Removed toy box that the kids never used, it was filled with junk toys anyhow!
3. Put up hooks for play clothes extravaganza
4. Put up "Art Wire" from IKEA
5. Arranged all the books and took favorites upstairs for bedtime

6. Brought in Papasan Chair for reading space that is welcoming

1. Removed lots of shoes that were missing partners or out of season
2. Flipped shoe box onto side to discourage shoes from taking over
3. Removed all the random bags that were filled with crap stuff from the car
4. Swept up a Labrador's worth of hair that was clinging to every surface
5. Removed chair that was broken and collecting things

Desk Area:
1. Got new desk (thank you Craigslist!)
2. Removed rubbish and more crap
3. Swept up more hair.... can build some extra cats with it if I wanted to!

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jacque4u2c said...

I am so jealous! I would love to have some time to do some nesting!

Jennifer said...

looks great! i have all the time in the world to nest, but it's hard to do from the couch and it hurts just to walk to the bathroom and back.

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