Monday, October 25, 2010

FREE Science Curriculum!

I am getting ready for our first adventures in homeschooling and have been busy gathering resources for a loose curriculum that I can adapt to Gabby's talents and work on her weak spots. Since I am already on Baby Center I joined the Homeschooling Board which has been a great help in making the decision to leave public school and how to go about getting started. One woman posted a link to the science curriculum that she uses and I am so impressed that I wanted to share!

Welcome to The Lab of Mr. Q! Here you will find everything you need to teach or supplement an elementary school science curriculum from life sciences to chemistry! Mr. Q is a Science Teacher who also runs homeschooling science programs in Kansas and I have to admit that the man is a genius. The text books are fun, bright, and sort of cartoony but have all the same terms as a normal text book. The best part is that along with the books there are monthly Lab Notes like this one that you can use for science fairs and really getting the little brains going.

The first book- Life Sciences is 100% free and each of the other books are $50, which I believe are well worth the price. Since you use them for all of elementary school that is really a great price for everything you need to teach all the different topics from magnets to weather, habitats to the body!
If you have a Science nut or just want to make learning science a little more fun, definitely check out this site and take a peek at the Life Science book (hey, it's FREE!). There is so much to do thanks to Mr. Q, I can't wait to get going on this with Gabby!
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Louise said...

Thanks for that link, although I'm not homeschooling I have a gifted child so I'm always looking for resources to stretch my child. She's in state school in UK and doesn't get much extra-curricular stimulus so its down to us to provide it. Thanks for this, I've downloaded the Life Science book and will start having a go!

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